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January 12th, 2015 . . .


Buy One Lifetime Subscription For You And Get Another As A 

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Here is a ONE TIME OFFER for you to get TWO SUBSCRIPTIONS to the ASC Magazine FOREVER (electronic version) for a one time LOW cost of just $39.97 for you and one other person.

When you make a purchase we will confirm your offer and get the first name and email of the person for your gift. We will then send an email to both you and your family, friend or colleague! Why not enjoy the ASC Magazine AND give it as a gift to another deserving person?

Here is what you and your gift receiver will get:

1. Lifetime Delivery Of The ASC Magazine for as long as we publish it

2. Lifetime Club Membership – special perks, bonuses and insider information

3. Last 12 issues with your membership – this alone is worth the cost

4. Special offers that will be made ONLY to members


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