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Even though you have a successful Aquaponics system . . . there will always be some vegetables and fruits that need to be grown in the ground.

For example, blueberries, blackberries, grapes, potatoes, bell peppers, carrots and many other really delicious foods should be part of your diet and farming plan.

After speaking with hundreds of you over the last year, one thing is clear; you MUST grow some foods in the ground and many Aquaponics enthusiasts also are looking for the way and understanding to do so quickly. After much research and discussion I have finally completed 


Introducing “The Essential Companion To Organic Gardening.”Now everything you need to become a master gardener is all here in one fantastic guide for you to enjoy and discover! Here are just some of the secrets revealed:

– The History Of Organic Growing You Should Understand
– Why You MUST Grow Organic Foods Today Or Else

– Soil Testing, Types Of Soil And Chemical Testing
– PH And Neutriment Testing As Well As Additives

-Gypsum / Epsom Salts And Essential Acids
– Composting Teas, Recipes And Sprays

-Planning Your Garden using this tool

– Much Much More!

“The Essential Companion To Organic Gardening” gives you the real information you need and covers topics most organic growing guides only lightly touch on. 

Even though this guide alone is easily worth the $12.97 we are asking for (funds go to support our Educators For Aquaponics Teaching Site) We knew that adding more detail on composting teas and wormbeds would be the perfect free bonuses!


“The Composting Teas Guide” is the perfect addition to your organic green library. Filled with helpful information that takes your gardening to a new level so that you can maximize your gardening yields by massive amounts. You will learn things like: 

tea– How to “brew” powerhouse teas that work around the clock to increase and enhance produce

– Suppressing disease in plants using the right teas

– Supercharge microbial activity to strengthen soil 

-Top composting teas that can change everything even in harsh and unresponsive soils

-Latest research into top blends and formulas

-Tea compost brewing manual

-Top tea recipes

This one manual alone is the culmination of years of scientific research into the subject. Best of all it’s written in simple but useful language that you can immediately apply to your gardening and can turn anyone into a green thumb.

“Make Your Own Worm Bin” is a interesting step by step construction and maintenance guide for mastering your own worm bin. Worm castings are critical in most organic compost and teas so this information is critical to any organic farming process. 

worm bin
– Extensive worm facts that will help you understand the entire process of worm growth 

-A step by step construction guide for making an affordable worm bin

-How to start with a few worms and multiply them by droves and have them producing fast

-What to feed your worms, how much, when and even where inside of the bin for maximum results

– Troubleshooting guide if you are having problems

This guide has everything you need to know about growing worms in the environment they love. Ask any successful organic grower and you better believe that worms play an extensive role in fabulous gardens!


So what are you waiting for? Grab these three fantastic guides and add to your digital library today! This year become the best organic grower you can and really compliment your Aquaponics growing! Just $12.97 for all three of these guides, a real amazing deal that benefits you and benefits our Aquaponics community.

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