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One of the highest conversion rates for any program is digital products. This is because information, from a proven source with immediate downloads is exactly what people who love green growing are looking for. Here is an opportunity for you to get in on the money, help us promote a really awesome magazine and profit share with us.

The ASC Magazine Has The Potential
To Make You A TON Of Money!

The typical percentage of money for most affiliate products in the green growing niche is about 10%. We feel this is not enough money. We are offering a whopping 50% on EVERY commission you make on our behalf and guess what? We will even show you how to make up to $50,000.00 a YEAR or more once you sign up! Plus:

You have NO inventory to keep
You Don’t handle order processing
You don’t have to deal with customers
You don’t have to worry about handling refunds
You get all the benefits of a partnership without the hassles

You don’t need to be a marketer we will show you how to make money
You can earn multiple commissions from a deep funnel – earn like never before!

How It Works:

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How To Get Started:


1. Join Clickbank – it’s easy, fast and 100% FREE. – The ASC Magazine uses Clickbank because they are the most trusted third party affiliate program for people who want to make money. Using Clickbank ensures you will be paid for every transaction that converts into a sale, guaranteed and regulated by Clickbank.

2. Add Your Clickbank “Nickname” to our affiliate code – When you do this, your code can be promoted anywhere! When someone clicks on the banner, ad or direct link to investigate, if they make a purchase, you get paid immediately to your Clickbank account. You can then have your money mailed to you every 2 weeks via a Clickbank check, or arrange direct deposit.

3. Promote your link everywhere – Once you have your hoplink, simply promote it via banners, direct ads, email links even use our proven tools and reports to show you exactly how you can build a thriving business! We both win when you put your link on your websites, banner advertising etc.

Have A Look At This Video – It explains everything.
The links in the video are directly below:

Follow These Three Steps And
Start Making Money Today!

1. Join Clickbank – It’s free. Go here and join. It only takes a few minutes:

Once you have joined you will receive a confirmation email. You will need your Clickbank Nickname in order to create your affiliate link.

2. Use your Nickname with our vendor code when you copy and paste it:

a. copy this code here and paste in notepad or related editing tool:

b. Remove the AFFILIATENICKNAME and paste your Clickbank Nickname. For example, if your Nickname was Greenie, here is what your affiliate link would look like:

3. Use your affiliate code to promote the ASC magazine,
You can copy and paste your affiliate link in the banners below

That’s it! Now EVERY click on your link that converts into a sale is PAID directly to your Clickbank account.


The Correct Way To Make MASSIVE MONEY As An ASC Affiliate:
here Victoria and I share the best 4 ways to grow your affiliate empire! We also discuss do’s and dont’s so please listen:



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