"So What Is REALLY In YOUR Fish Food? This Shocking Ebook Reveals ALL And Blows The LID Off The Fish Food Industry!"


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Victoria Kelley, Aquaponics Author

Dear Fellow Aquaponics Friend; 
Can I Ask You A Serious Question?
Are YOU And Your Family Being 
Poisoned And Don’t Even Know it?

Aquaponics enthusiasts like you want the best produce because you deserve clean and untainted foods for you, your family and your customers. After all this is why many of us are involved in Aquaponics and we have come to expect very high quality nutrient dense foods that are free of GMO’s, pesticides, additives and dangerous chemicals.

But the truth of what is actually making it’s way to your table is far from this picture perfect world. You will be shocked to learn that many Aquaponics systems can be a raging “cesspool” for chemical chocktails! The culprit? Your fish food.

A Very Serious Problem NOBODY  Is Really Talking About . . .

You might be shocked to learn that what you feed your fish can have DIRE consequences to your aquaponics system and food you create; from hard to control pH levels, fish illnesses,out of control nitrates even fish die offs. What could the end result be? Seriously unhealthy foods that in some cases can be WORSE than any of the typically bad produce sold in the large supermarket chains.


FACTS About What Tainted Fish Foods Can Do:

PoisonFish store TOXINS in their bodies, up to 9 MILLION times more dense than their surroundings and pass on trace amounts in their waste and many times more in their bodies

Toxins in commercial fish food are sometimes frighteningly hundreds of times higher levels than allowed by the FDA

Useless additives, fillers and poisons are used to stabilize fishfood. All of this will eventually end up in your produce or directly via the fish you eat


A Real Recipe For Disaster! Junk IN Means Junk Out!

The list goes on here and the above three are just part of the problem. Substances like fire retardants, poisonous additives and “anti bacterials” are massively dosed in commercial fish food to “stabilize” and prevent spoilage.Remember your fish are eating this and excreting traces in your system. This means that the fish, their waste and eventually your plants will all show these substances IN the produce, not to mention that if you actually EAT your fish – you could be in store for a TOXIC COCKTAIL for you and your family! So What Can YOU Do To Protect Yourself For This?

Here Is How You Can Guarantee Your Produce And Fish
Will Be In An Untainted System Now!


The highly anticipated book “Essential Healthy Fish Food In Aquaponics,” written by Victoria Kelley, Top selling a
uthor (Her last Aquaponics book is STILL in the top 5 on Amazon Kindle for multiple categories).will first inform you about the issues dealing with commercial fish food, and EXACTLY how to solve the problem.

This Exciting And Well
Researched Ebook Explores:

What EXACTLY Are You Feeding Your Fish – NOT what you are being told by the sellers of the food but the REAL Truth.

The Chemical Cocktail You Are Making Many commercial fishfoods are just that; mostly a dire mixture of truly awful “food” that you are forcing your fish to eat. It may taste good to the fish but it is tainting them, increasing problems in your system and could be endangering everyone’s health and wellness.

Doing The Right Thing By YOUR Fish Learn the secrets that most commercial fish food makers HOPE you will never find out! Learn how to turn the tables on the fish food providers by finding the right foods you can provide your fish. 

Do Captive Fish All Eat The Same Thing? The answer is obvious, NO – so why is their a one size fits all mentality? Here is how you can augment your food even if you are NOT ready to change your commercial feed so you can at least minimize the damage. 

Real Feeding Requirements For Fish It might surprise you to learn that fish have rather simple feeding requirements. Once you understand exactly what they need you can provide much better food than what you might currently be doing.  

Are Commercial Fish Food Products All Bad? The answer is another surprise . . . read about this and many other interesting facts that will forever change how you look at commercial fishfood.

Other “Ingredients” You Should NEVER Feed Your Fish Even if all the chemicals were removed from the food would the fillers be harmful? I mean when is the last time fish ate cornmeal in the wild?

Natural Fishfoods That Are Cheaper Than Commercial Feed – Do they exist? What are the best ways to use them so your fish remain perfectly healthy? 

What are the BEST Homemade Fish Food Recipes? We have even provided several really good recipes and ways to create your own perfect homemade foodstuffs for your fish. 

As you can see we pulled out all the stops with the “Essential Healthy Fish Food In Aquaponics” guide. This well researched and documented ebook contains everything you need to know to inform and educate yourself on one of the least discussed topics in Aquaponics – but one that NEEDS to be understood and addressed.

You are what you eat but you are also what your FISH eat too!

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We thought long and hard what additional information could help you with your fishfood dilemma. We decided on these great resources – a wonderful bundle that can help you solve your own fishfood problem quickly:


“The Composting Teas Guide” is the perfect addition to your organic green library. Filled with helpful information that takes your gardening to a new level so that you can maximize your gardening yields by massive amounts. You will learn things like: 

tea– How to “brew” powerhouse teas that work around the clock to increase and enhance produce

– Suppressing disease in plants using the right teas

– Supercharge microbial activity to strengthen soil 

-Top composting teas that can change everything even in harsh and unresponsive soils

-Latest research into top blends and formulas

-Tea compost brewing manual

-Top tea recipes

This one manual alone is the culmination of years of scientific research into the subject. Best of all it’s written in simple but useful language that you can immediately apply to your gardening and can turn anyone into a green thumb.

“Make Your Own Worm Bin” is a interesting step by step construction and maintenance guide for mastering your own worm bin. Worm castings are critical in most organic compost and teas so this information is critical to any organic farming process. 

worm bin
– Extensive worm facts that will help you understand the entire process of worm growth 

-A step by step construction guide for making an affordable worm bin

-How to start with a few worms and multiply them by droves and have them producing fast

-What to feed your worms, how much, when and even where inside of the bin for maximum results

– Troubleshooting guide if you are having problems

This guide has everything you need to know about growing worms in the environment they love. Ask any successful organic grower and you better believe that worms play an extensive role in fabulous gardens!


So what are you waiting for? Grab these three fantastic guides and add to your digital library today! This year become the best organic grower you can and really compliment your Aquaponics growing! Just $19.95 for all three of these guides, a real amazing deal that benefits you and benefits our Aquaponics community.

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