Dear Member:

I wanted to thank you for joining Aquaponics Survival Communities. Many of you expressed an interest in supporting our work financially and for that we are deeply grateful. We also wanted a way to include business as well. All funds raised will go to benefit the Aquaponics Survival Communities Co-Op Initiative for our worldwide program and support our magazine that has thousands of subscribers and is growing by the hundreds weekly.

Please choose your level of support below:

bronzeBronze Support Membership  – Just $5.00 A Month

When you become a bronze member you are helping fund the monthly magazine: “The Informer Newsletter,” a community supported full color magazine that is yours each month (delivered on the 10th). Bronze members are also eligible to place 1 free classified Ad in the magazine each month they remain subscribed.


silverSilver Support Membership  – Just $10.00 A Month

Becoming a silver member is a great value to you and the community. Silver  members are eligible to place a banner ad in our magazine with a clickable link (pending approval) to any location or site of their choice. Banner ads are great for small to medium businesses trying to reach our community for an extremely affordable price. You can change your banner or keep it the same for each month you remain subscribed.



Gold Support Membership  – Just $20.00 A Month

The best overall value is the gold membership level. Each month you will be supporting an amazing community that will provide special information products just for gold members. This will include an exclusive members only mailing list that will provide access to downloads, guides, ebooks, and insider information not available to everyone.

Gold members will be some of our most active members and will be the “movers and shakers” in Aquaponics. This level of membership isn’t for the casual aquaponics community member, even though anyone can become a gold member to support us.

Special email alerts will go out just to gold members and the monthly magazine will be sent to them first. Finally gold members can place a banner ad that links back to any website of their choice in our community magazine and have direct access to write a monthly column in the newsletter.

This is only available to Gold members and staff.

What a fantastic way to help the community grow and network with others who are totally serious about Aquaponics!