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Anyone that wants to build a well running Aquaponics powerhouse of food production usually can manage creating a reasonable system design; but the single biggest problem EVERYONE faces is dealing with keeping their fish healthy and happy. Even top experts have seen fish die and often under mysterious circumstances!

Don’t learn too late what you should have known beforehand. Here are several scenarios and each can be a serious problem:

  • You just started in Aquaponics and you are kinda clueless about fish care. Sure you get the whole PH thing but what REALLY should you be concerned with to make sure your fish will be healthy? Can you avoid die offs?
  • You have been growing food now for many months and you thought everything was ok; then suddenly your fish start dying! Can you stop this? How can you protect your healthy fish? Will they all die?
  • You are a long time pro. Suddenly your fish begin to die and you are horrified to discover that you should have known about this but didn’t. How can you have peace REAL of mind?

The Dirty Little Secret Revealed;
Even The Pros Have Fish Die

There is a saying in the Aquaponics; “You are not truly a practicioner until you have killed at least a thousand fish!” Well I am here to tell you that this is no way to learn. This problem is not as readily discussed by the community. Most people avoid the topic all together. The few people that take the time to arm themselves with knowledge save themselves a lot of trial and failure, not to mention expense.

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“What a great book! As a newcomer to aquaponics I have read a lot about setting up your system and selecting plants but not much about fish care. Essential fish care in aquaponics tells you not only what to look for in your fish but also how to treat them if needed. It was easy to read and understand and I am so happy that I have it in my library.”
Aron M.


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