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Aquaponics enthusiasts like you want the best produce possible because you deserve clean and untainted foods for you, your family and your customers. After all, this is why many of us are involved in Aquaponics in the first place and we have come to expect very high quality nutrient dense foods that are free of GMO’s, pesticides, additives and dangerous chemicals.

The truth of what is actually making it’s way to your
table is far from this picture perfect world.

You will be shocked to learn that many Aquaponics systems can be a raging “cesspool” for chemical chocktails! The culprit? Your fish food, lack of knowledge on how to operate safely and a need for additional proper growing information. 

Why not become an ‘expert’ in just a few hours when you read all of these informative and cutting edge grow power information you NEED to be successful in Aquaponics, growing foods safely, efficiently and with a high degree of success?

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