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From The Desk Of Victoria Kelley
Editor in Chief
ASC Magazine

Dear Future Subscriber;

FACT: Most people, even professionals, fail at growing enough foods using sustainable methods due to lack of real workable information and support. This is especially true in Aquaponics, Permaculture, Aquaculture and most forms of organic ground growing.

The Problem With Sustainable Growing Today . . .

Despite all of the gimmicky projects out there that promise sustainable growing is easy, many do NOT work as promised and expert growers need REAL and ONGOING information from other professionals to be able to have continued success, especially if this is your business and future. 

The Solution Is The RIGHT Information From Pros!


You need the right information; hard won, professional and tested growing results. SECRETS that can explode your growing like never before. Otherwise you are doomed to dismal failure! Just ask ANY beginner before they found our magazine what growing was like:

“I tried several times to grow my own food. I thought I knew what I was doing. The information I bought from one of those do it yourself kists made it seem so easy . . . Boy it was much harder than I thought! Yeah I had moderate success but nothing like what I wanted. I wanted to be able to feed my family with all of this but I really couldn’t! It was a dismal failure!” Joseph Stanton

So what can protect you from this? Information. Truth be told you NEED this magazine because having access to dozens of new growing updates, articles, growing tips from top producers, brilliant minds, advice and constant advancements in the growing industry, can mean all the difference to your continued success!

“The ASC Magazine Also Covers ALL Top Trends In Food Growing And YOU Get To Learn From The Real Tried And True Experts!”


The future of ALL growing is tied very closely to top university 
studies and experts related to Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Permaculture and best practices of Agriculture; so why not stay on top of the industry the easy way? 

This takes into consideration for both long term growing and experiments being done for NASA as well as for the future of sustainable growing in a systematic methodology.

Of course some of the top minds in the world also  write for our magazine; this is because many of these people realize the importance of this information. 

We will keep you informed of the latest trends, events and systems and how they are being tested and how you can replicate them if you want to do the same thing.


By 2020 Sustainable Growers Will Be Leading
The Food Industry . . . Will This Include YOU?


Colleges, research projects, ongoing testing and other great information is explored each month. Let top minds explore with you all of the possibilities. Never wonder where sustainable growing is going because each month you will be informed, taught new growing methods, see what is trending and even communicate directly people starting and sustaining interesting and compelling projects.  

The ASC Magazine delivers ALL of this to you each month! So why not subscribe today and never worry about the future of the industry, your own growing and how to expand it? 

  travis_feb Each Month
We Bring You:

In depth Interviews Of The TOP MINDS in Aquaponics, Permaculture, Aquaculture, Agriculture

The Latest Tools, Inventions And Discoveries In growing

Different Systems And Approaches With Aquaponics, hydroponics as well as permaculture

Real World Case Studies From Our Community

Gardening, Herbs, Aquaculture And Even Survival Growing

-Community Stories, News And Teaching / Learning Opportunities

 Affordable Suppliers Of Hard To Find growing Needs


sySave Money & Time With The Right Set -Ups

-Full color diagrams, pictures and directions of systems

-Contribute As Well To Our Magazine With Your Stories
-Create Your Own growing System For Under $500.00

Additional articles on issues related to Aquaponics and Survival Prepping

-Also Get World Class Interviews Of
Successful Do It Yourselfers

– Great Projects, Community Based Sharing
& Open Source Projects, Plus Top Systems And Tools

Professionals From Top Colleges, PhD’s, Ongoing
Projects And Top Content Made Available


Not Just Aquaponics . . . World Class Experts Lead
The Way In Organic Growing Movement

Y Times Best Seller Joel Salatin
In Issue 9 November 2013 Of The ASC Magazine


What Just A Few People Are Saying
About The ASC Magazine:

“I just finished up signing up for the affiliate program. I then tested it with my own lifetime subscription. Worked perfectly! Cant wait to help you guys out, as well as earn myself a few bucks. I really love what you guys are doing in the industry, and I will do my absolute best to spread the word. Thanks again for everything!!!” 
Michael, on behalf of Green River Greenhouse, LLC.

“It’s been a while but I finally took a look at all the great books and magazines included in my lifetime membership. Wow! What a fabulous selection of material. Thank-you and I shall look forward to recommending you to others. Nice job on the magazine too! Thanks again,

“Great newsletter, best info out there, hands down. Thank you!”
Donald Adam

“This magazine is awesome! I don’t know what it is about aquaponics and all sustainable growing, but it sure grabs ahold of you. I love it! ”
Eric Schmidt

“Hi guys, thank you for your wonderful publication. I’ve learned a lot and I’m delighted to see you taking the practice of sustainable growing, forward. Thanks!”
Adrian Hood
“Thank you for so much information and I wish you all the success with your venture. People need this magazine.”
Reg Blackmore
“Thank you and keep up the inspiring work! Love it :)
Melissa Marlatt

“Hi Victoria, Thank you for your incredible magazine. Have a great day! ”

“Dear Victoria, Great job In this community and magazine. I hope to learn more about this area and to contribute to the growth of the same.”
Renan Okawara Zootechnician, Msc. Aquaculture and Fisheries, São Paulo - Brazil

“Warm Greetings, Thank you for your wonderful wonder-filled magazine. I have already forwarded to 2 friends & will continue to share with others.”
Rere Sutherland


“Hi Victoria, Just a short note to thank you for the Newsletter and to congratulate you on a very engaging, informative and nicely constructed piece. I wish you every success with this project and await in anticipation for the next issue.”
John Jacobs

“I did receive the magazine- thanks for the follow-up! I’m learning a lot from your articles.”
Gail Panzitta

“ . . .I love the information I have received. Thank you again!!”
D. Taylor

“Thanks for your concern, I did receive the October issue, and, as usual, I just find it hard to believe how great your mag is, please don’t stop!!!”
Tuck Laurens

“ . . . She does an amazing service to the Aquaponics community at large in her own right.”
Travis Hughey

“Each issue and bonuses is delivered electronically right to your email box and is an invaluable guide to the discovery, exploration and mastery of Sustainable Growing at affordable prices.”
– Venus Rizing Inc.

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This is perhaps the BEST magazine on Aquaponics as it explores some of the coolest set ups, plans and ideas to make my system even more efficient!
Dee Laurence

“I can’t wait until the next magazine!!I very much enjoyed it.”
Nick Anglin

“One of the absolute best magazines on aquaponics and I love it!”
Steve Sanchez

“The BEST investment in to my education Ihave ever made. I learned more from this magazine than most of my permaculture classes! Thanks. ”
Jessie Hampton


A Worldwide Effort With Thousands Of Like Minded Subscribers Just Like You!

The ASC Magazine is more than just a magazine; we are a growing worldwide community that wants to see our future filled with healthy, non GMO based high quality pesticide free foods. We are dedicated to bring all of this to you affordably and with a better plan for the future of all sustainable growing. We NEED you to help us grow as well. We often draw some of our best articles from our own community. 

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