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FACT: Our food chain is heavily toxic – from GMO’s to Frankenfoods . . . hormones and tainted food additives. Almost ALL processed foods are toxic and so are most vegetables sold at supermarkets.

FACT: Disease is EXPLODING and more and more it can be directly traced to food contaminants.

FACT: Most people, even professionals, fail at growing enough foods using sustainable methods due to lack of real workable information and support. This is especially true in Aquaculture and Aquaponics. This also includes most forms of ground growing. So why is there such a dismal failure rate? 

The Problem With Sustainable
Growing Today – And For The Foreseeable Future

Despite all of the gimmicky projects out there that promise sustainable growing is easy, many do NOT work as promised and growers need REAL and ONGOING tried and tested information from industry professionals to be able to have continued success in growing. Nothing could be more true for back yard enthusiasts and aquaculture businesses. The advice that is being given almost GUARANTEES you will fail trying to grow your own food. Even if you are successful, will what you grow actually be SAFE to eat?

What YOU Need Is The RIGHT Information From Real Pros – NOT More Generic Garbage That So Many ‘Aqua Experts’ Push . . .

There are many companies pushing quick fixes and generic information on Aquaculture and Aquaponics. The question is do you really want to listen to those voices OR to real experts with powerful and proven systems that grow food like wildfire? 


You need the right information; hard won, professional and tested growing results.Period. Real secrets of some of the top minds in the world who deliver what you need. SECRETS that can explode your growing like never before. Otherwise you are doomed to dismal failure! Just ask ANY beginner before they found our magazine what growing their own food was like:

“I tried several times to grow my own food. I thought I knew what I was doing. Boy it was much harder than I thought! Yeah I had some moderate success but nothing like what I wanted. It was a dismal failure until I found the ASC Magazine!” – Joseph Stanton, Fall River, Mass.

So what can protect you from this? Information. Truth be told you NEED this magazine because having access to dozens of new industry updates, articles, growing tips from top producers, brilliant minds, advice and constant advancements in the growing industry can mean all the difference to your continued success!

By 2020 Sustainable Growers Will Be Leading
The Food Industry . . . Will This Include YOU?


Colleges, research projects, ongoing testing and other great information is explored each month. Let top minds help you to formulate all of the possibilities! Never wonder where sustainable growing is going because each month you will be able to carefully explore top college white papers, reports, and ongoing projects so you can use these awesome ideas and stand on the shoulders of geniuses! 

“The ASC Magazine Covers ALL Top Trends In Food Growing And YOU Get To Learn From The Real Tried And True Experts!”


We Include Colleges, Research Projects, Top University Studies Even Growing For The Future Of Space Exploration . . .


The future of ALL growing is tied very closely to top university studies related to Hydroponics, Aquaculture and Aquaponics; even the best practices of Agriculture; so why not stay on top of the industry the easy way? 

This takes into consideration for both long term growing and experiments being done for NASA (and other related projects) as well as for the future of sustainable growing in a systematic methodology. 

Our team spends countless hours helping you to stay in touch with everything, each and every month. 

We will keep you informed of the latest trends, events and systems and how they are being tested and how you can replicate them if you want to do the same thing.

Lessons learned here are priceless and can be applied to your own growing. From the back yard to the biggest commercial growing, now YOU can stay informed always and network with lots of people. 

“ . . . She does an amazing service to the Aquaponics community at large in her own right.”
Travis Hughey - Inventor of Barrelponics


Each Month
We Will Bring You:

In depth Interviews Of The TOP MINDS in Aquaculture, Aquaponics, and agriculture

The Latest Tools, Inventions And Discoveries In growing

Different Systems And Approaches With Aquaculture, Aquaponics, and hydroponics

Real World Case Studies From Our Community

Gardening, Herbs, Aquaculture And Even Survival Growing

Community Stories, News And Teaching / Learning Opportunities from our own community

Affordable Suppliers Of Hard To Find growing Needs
Save Money & Time With The Right Set -Ups
-Full color diagrams, pictures and directions of systems

-Contribute As Well To Our Magazine With Your Stories
-Create Your Own growing System For Under $500.00

Additional articles on issues related to Aquaponics and Survival Prepping

-Also Get World Class Interviews Of Successful Do It Yourselfers

– Great Projects, Community Based Sharing & Open Source Projects, Plus Top Systems And Tools

Professionals From Top Colleges, PhD’s, Ongoing Projects And Top Content Made Available

 Our Main Focus Is All Things Aqua –
Many Experts Routinely Write For Us


World Class Aquaponics Expert – Murray Hallam


 George Brooks, PhD, one of the world’s most
respected Aquaponics Experts


Sylvia Bernstien (Top selling book on Aquaponics worldwide)


Vlad, one of our regular writers (he is essentially a rocket scientist) is in my opinion one of the most knowledgeable Aquaponics experts in the world


So is Travis Hughey  one of the top Aquaponics experts . .  and the list goes on and is so extensive! if we covered everything here we would need pages and pages!

We Also Cover Agriculture / Permaculture
And Organic Growing Too!

NY Times Best Seller Joel Salatin
In Issue 9, November 2013 Of The ASC Magazine

A Green Revolution Is Happening . . .
Join Us And Help Spread The Word! 


 The ASC Magazine Is Not Just About Aquaponics but ALL sustainable and  beneficial green growing too. 

 People like Ron Finley are making powerful changes to the inner cities using  urban farming.

During the TED talks, he picked up the nickname, Guerrilla  Gardener and certainly Ron is one of the most well respected green  growers  in America.

We were honored to have him write for us. 

 His world famous quote, “Growing your own food is  like printing your  own money” speaks volumes and we couldn’t agree  more, especially in  these difficult economic times. We are excited to have Ron’s personal  interview  in our September, 2015 issue.


PLUS Our Regular Contributors Are Some Of The Most
Talented Experts And They Pack A Real Punch:












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“Dear Victoria, Great job In this community and magazine. I hope to learn more about this area and to contribute to the growth of the same.”
Renan Okawara Zootechnician, Msc. Aquaculture and Fisheries, São Paulo - Brazil


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“Thanks for your concern, I did receive the October issue, and, as usual, I just find it hard to believe how great your mag is, please don’t stop!!!”
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This is perhaps the BEST magazine on Aquaponics as it explores some of the coolest set ups, plans and ideas to make my system even more efficient!
Dee Laurence


“I can’t wait until the next magazine!!I very much enjoyed it.”
Nick Anglin

“One of the absolute best magazines on aquaponics and I love it!”
Steve Sanchez

The ASC Magazine Covers Top Trends In Clean Food Production; From Raising, Harvesting And Even Final Food Preparation. This Delicious Fish Fry Was To Benefit Aquaculture Classes At Trinidad College and we explain everything from harvest to plate! That’s ME, Mike Kelley holding the Tilapia!


Did we mention we include some of the
best recipes each and every month?


Join The Worldwide Aquaculture & Aquaponics Movement With Thousands Of Like Minded Subscribers Just Like YOU


Aquaculture Students (I am at the far left) During Winter Harvest

The ASC Magazine is more than just a magazine; we are a growing worldwide community that wants to see our future filled with healthy, non GMO based high quality pesticide free foods. We are dedicated to bring all of this to you affordably and with a better plan for the future of all sustainable growing. We NEED you to help us grow as well. We often draw some of our best articles from our own community. 

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 Just look at what you get here – everything you need to create a powerful and affordable food generation machine!

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Beginner’s Aquaponics

“Aquaponics For The Beginner” is the single BEST survival plan you could ever have! Here’s how to ensure you have a limitless supply fresh organic foods and tasty, healthy protein. With government regs and our rights dwindling do NOT be caught in the collapse unable to provide food for your family.


YOU can END the high cost of foods NOW

YOU can protect your health with REAL organic foods
YOU can grow endless quantities of food

YOU will never fear tainted foods and improve your health
YOU will always know where your next meal is

YOU will be protected from nutrient deficient foods
YOU will be eating high quality white proteins

YOU will AVOID poor quality or low nutrition foods
YOU will be able to eat even when disaster strikes

YOU will be unaffected by food shortages

YOU will be prepared for any economic collapse
YOU Will provide enough food for dozens of people

Here’s How To Get Your Plants Ready For Your System

2“Seed Saving” Learn how to harvest & grow organic seeds and seedlings . We thought long and hard about the best addition for your “Aquaponics how to guide guides”, and the first thing came to mind was seeds. This fantastic companion guide that will take you through harvesting your own seeds to creating your seedlings and everything in between:


Here’s How To Build An Affordable Greenhouse

“DIY Greenhouse”–  Don’t spend thousands of dollars on designs! Here are tried and tested buildouts and they even look professionally built when you are done. You will be thrilled that even a novice can create one of these stunning and cheap designs with simple tools and dirt cheap parts you can find anywhere. Build an amazingly durable green house for well UNDER $500.00 from start to finish with even a few dollars left in your pocket! Explore 4 different types of buildouts and we are sure one of these will suit you needs and no worries;  we made sure ANYONE could build these greenhouses with minimal tools and effort.


Do You Live In The City? Here’s How You To Can Grow Your Own Organic Pesticide FREE Food Right In Your Apartment!

“Window Farming” Is a great way for people who live in small spaces to have a food garden. These POWERFUL DESIGNED small garden mini machines can hang from windows, balconies or just about anywhere. There is no end to your own imagination when you use the Window Farming Guide!

Window gardens can grow strawberries, tomatoes, beans, herbs and
other vegetables without dirt using the time tested hydroponic way
of gardening on a micro level.

  Recycled materials makes this dirt cheap to do
  Aquaponic gardening for windows is easy, fast & fun

 Window gardening set ups shown including design plans
 Grow quickly and with almost no space usage

BONUS – How to make lights that use no electricity (see inside) . . .

This can be a fun project where your children can learn the benefits of gardening and you can grow a large amount of real food. 



Here’s Why Plastics Are Of Critical Concern To Aqua Enthusiasts 5

plastics3D_small“Plastics” are critical to most Aquaponics  systems . . . but did you know that most plastics actually break down and emit toxins into your water, plants and fish? 

-This comprehensive guide explores the journey into plastics; the good, the bad and the ugly. 

-This information is critical if you really want the best possible untainted foods from your system.

-This book was referred to as “Aquaponics Dirty Little Secret” and is causing a firestorm of debate.

-Decide what kind of plastic you should use in your system

-Be warned . .  if you love plastic PVC pipes you are in for a real shock

-Use this guide to protect your food and get the right plastics!

Plus all subscribers get to enjoy our FREE Aquaculture Podcasts – Learn everything you need to know about Aquaculture and how to run a successful aqua business:


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