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Dear Subscriber;

ASC Subscribers are routinely asking me how they can earn money online to supplement their current income. As a long time successful internet marketer, I felt it my duty to share this information with you to help put an end to your financial worries:

 85% of subscribers for the ASC Magazine are looking for a realistic and easy way to add income to their bottom line that generates money essentially on autopilot.

greendotFACT: The ability to earn money with your computer offers security and additional income to help you make ends meet; as well as the potential to earn significantly more than most people do working long hours.

Fellow aquaulturists, I think you will agree, MONEY is very important to you. I am TIRED of seeing so many of you broke, or just needing a few extra dollars, so I put this guide together with you in mind.

NO this system has NOTHING to do with Aquaponics, rather something you can easily do on the side with the holidays and unexpected expenses that are always around the corner, here’s how you can start earning money right away with a minimum learning curve.


mike_marketing_shot3Use My Hard Won Lessons To Change YOUR Financial Situation Right Now!

I remember years of hardship, working sometimes 60+ hours a week at dead end jobs, while also trying to finish college. It was a nightmare! I am sure you can relate – hardly having ANY money, bills due, the rent behind, the electricity bill, plus needing to eat from time to time  and all the other bills and demands that require money . . .

It was really difficult just to make ends meet. I was desperate. This was actually good because it forced me to listen to people with more knowledge than me. 

So I decided I would STUDY some of the top moneymakers in the world and learn what they were actually doing to make money without getting another boss in the process.

For YEARS I studied internet marketing professionals, top marketers and even multi millionaires to learn successful money making systems they used to free up their time and generate lots of cash.

What I learned over the years from studies, trial and error that finally lead me to discover and implement a powerful money making system. 

cashpileNow when I need money I just start my “Mini Money Machine Maker” and like clockwork, The money starts rolling in and all I  have to do to fill the “orders” is send out a few emails! Now for less than 1 hour a day I consistently was making at least $100.00 a day!



There are only three realistic ways to make money for the average person so let’s look at these:

1Work your ASS off: Yes you can work multiple hours, have 2-3 jobs and essentially KILL yourself and never have any time to do what you love. Most people are stuck here and want more money and more freedom but they never try anything to change their situation.


2Get others to work their ass off for you: Are you a business owner?You should understand that you can’t do everything nor should you want to do everything; I actually show you how to do this in a way that guarantees you can make money from other people.


3Earn money using a system: This plan shows you how to make money anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Using a system means you are free and the system does the work.


I don’t know about YOU – but I think a system that you can implement that makes money FOR you, without you working 8-12 hours a day is a really GOOD idea, isn’t it?

Right from the money making labs, deep in the mountains  of Southern Colorado, I put this plan through it’s rigors to make sure anyone could do the same. .

It took me almost a YEAR of testing, hard work, expense and development  to bring you this entire money making kit to you because I wanted to make sure it really worked and in multiple evergreen niches. 

I could NOT cut corners because I wanted a brain dead simple system that would free up anyone’s time who also wanted to make money. It had to be a system that did most of the work too and was simple to run.

The system also needed to be:

Check1redEASY as pie to set up and for less than 30 bucks.

Check1redStart to make money in 48-72 hours – with limitless daily earning potential in evergreeen and unsaturated proven niches.

Check1redCan be done by anyone – like my 18 year old son who makes money doing this or numerous students I have taught this system.

Check1redNo technical or real marketing skill needed – I have taken care of everything including how you can make money over and over, even from the same people!

Check1redRecurring income – in almost 30 different niches on autopilot!

Check1redA powerful traffic source – you can immediately tap and use to promote almost anything, including your current business!

Check1redBack end money maker – this is the real power of the system and how many prospects will buy and buy and buy . . .


Look, I know some people will have problems believing that you will be making at least $100.00 a day online, but it is absolutely true! Best of all this is NOT some half baked get rich quick scheme as you will clearly see. This common sense method that has been proven, time and time again to work, supports other people who desperately need your help – and they will gladly pay you BIG for the privilege once you know the secrets in the guide, Fastest Way To Make %100.00 A Day! 

,You will be amazed and even quite ready to KICK yourself when you see what a simple plan that this program is. This is because what I am about to reveal to you will NOT disappoint and is NOT:

red-xNO MLM, no pyramid schemes, no direct selling, no timeshares, no “government” jobs, no assembly work, no affiliate marketing, no working for someone else (unless you want to and I will explain this).

red-xNo “job”, no online surveys, no clicking for credits, no dishonest or deceitful garbage, no gambling, no pornography, no hate speech, nothing political or immoral.

red-xNO door to door crap, no face to face selling, no selling anybody’s stuff (except on the side if you choose to), no recruiting, no stuffing envelopes, no referrals, no vacation rentals, no sub contracting . . . In fact NONE that crazy and unworkable pie in the sky crap!



Finally there is a simple way to make money almost on autopilot, a true “business in a box” of how to make money online with a proven system.

This easy to read and implement process is making believers out of lots of aqua enthusiasts and even business owners.

The original training guide, was a big success in the internet marketing world -with hundreds sold. 

Now anyone can have access to this fantastic information; not just other marketers!

Inside this power packed 58 page guide, (a fast read), you are going to be blown away when you see just how easy you can start making real money.

Not only will you figure out how the pros are making money online, but I have distilled tons of valuable information in this exciting and cool guide; literally YEARS of marketing  know how you can use immediately like:

=> Foreword – here we lay some home truths most people do not know.
=>Introduction – what this is all about and more revelations.
=>I Was Screwed – I explain how this all came about and how my years of work can now help you.
=>Marketing 101 – core marketing information almost NOBODY is talking about; you need this to succeed!

=>Solve Problems And Make Over $100.00 A Day? You Betcha!  Here I speak out about the BEST way to make limitless cash.
=>A Real Look At History – How the Klondike gold rush teaches us how to succeed. Filled with marketing golden nuggets.

=>$100.00 A Day? Yes here is how and why.
=>The Mini Money Machine Maker – step by step, set it up now.
=>Laying A Foundation For Real Internet Success -how to do so.

=>What Every Business Needs Is YOUR Business Now – this is the theory behind the program.
=>Additional Concerns As Reported By Businesses – the fuel to your success is here!
=>Sell SERVICES To People LOOKING For Gold – this is critical.

=>Here Is How To Set Up Your New $100.00 A Day Money Machine – fully explained step by step.
=>How It All Comes Together – explained in detail.
=>Plus LOTS, lots  more information!


Not only will you receive the life changing guide / ebook, Fastest Way To Make $100.00 A Day – but I will truly make it worth your time with these special additional bonuses:


100_00_dayThe Mini Money Machine Maker Step By Step Template

Here we put all of the steps together in a simple yet helpful template that explains and summarizes exactly what you need to do to get your OWN mini money making machine fully operational!

These steps organize, categorize and command your steps in a way that simplifies what you need to do. A fantastic bonus that will make setting up your money making machines a breeze!

You can also use the template over and over as you replicate more mini money machines.



planning_worksheetThe Complete Planning Guide Template

Use this planning guide to help you figure out exactly what unique steps you need to take while creating your own Mini Money Machine. It organizes all the important information you need in one place and allows you to keep valuable records.

Use this to track your results, plan for more money making machines and even a way to help others do the same thing.



Here is everything you need to do, explained in detail for each step.

The Mini Money Machine Maker is essentially additional details, tips and strategies as well as a step by step guide to streamline and  support the main guide, the worksheet template as well as the planning guide. 

You need this quick start guide so that you can earn additional money, have access to advanced tools as well as additional suggested strategies you need to master making more money right away.

This quick start guide makes all the difference!



I am releasing this guide to my aqua peeps; in time I will no longer offer this at the low price of 27 bucks. What I am providing you will soon be part of a membership site that will cost at least $197 dollars; still a steal for a realistic and proven way to make money. Act now and order today!


This amazing and life changing information is now available to you for less than the cost of dinner for two? Why not invest in yourself and put this powerhouse system, little money making machines to work for you? Don’t wait! Grab this moneymaking kit right now while it is still very affordable:


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I sincerely hope you will take advantage of this amazing program! Now you have everything you need to earn a great additional income, realistically from home.

Warmest Regards,


Michael Kelley,

CEO, Venusrizing inc.


P.S. If you need any help with this project please email me and I will assist you.