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 From: Victoria Kelley
 Aquaponics Can Save Your Life And The Lives Of Your Family, Friends And Community.
Dear Friends And Concerned People Worldwide;

Food prices are skyrocketing all across the world and there seems to be no end in sight. Economists have put food inflation at at least 30% each YEAR and growing:

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With often ridiculous and illegal food regulation laws being passed all the time, that seek to undermine, control and fully regulate all food ( UN Law ‘Codex Alimentarius’ that most governments are now enforcing), is it any wonder food quality is drastically DECREASING and costs worldwide are exploding?

If you have been watching world events unfold like I have, you already understand that creating your own “Secret Sustainable Organic Whole Food Source” is going to be one of the best and most essential things you can do RIGHT NOW to protect you and your family! 

“I have spent years studying aquaponics; I am an author, blogger and I am on talk radio, hosting shows with some of the top minds in survival and specifically I talk aquaponics because it is an IMMEDIATE solution to most of the world’s food crisis.

I started “Aquaponics Survival Communities” on Facebook, one of the biggest and best online resources anywhere for people learning how to start and grow their own aquaponics system and people love it! Please join us when you buy your guides today” – Victoria Kelley

Here is one of the best offers you will see ANYWHERE and is an easy investment to make for your future. For the cost of lunch (and the money goes to support Aquaponics Survival Communities) you will have one of the best start up kits available today on Aquaponics . . . and even if you can’t keep your household plants alive,

I will teach you everything you need to know to make all the food you will ever need for you and your family for pennies on the dollar, when compared to the typical grocery bill. Your food will be much healthier as well, free from toxins, pesticides, hormones and deadly GMO’s.  How? Simple – Order these guides today:


Just look at what you get here – everything you need to create a powerful and affordable food generation machine!

The guides below are from the ASC Magazine, the worlds biggest and best monthly magazine in Aquaponics, Aquaculture, Permaculture and organic growing. With almost 4 years of continuing service::

We answer all the questions you would want to know as a new and even seasoned grower:


“Aquaponics For The Beginner” is the single BEST survival plan you could ever have! Here’s how to ensure you have a limitless supply fresh organic foods and tasty, healthy protein. With government regs and our rights dwindling do NOT be caught in the collapse unable to provide food for your family.


YOU can END the high cost of foods NOW

YOU can protect your health with REAL organic foods
YOU can grow endless quantities of food

YOU will never fear tainted foods and improve your health
YOU will always know where your next meal is

YOU will be protected from nutrient deficient foods
YOU will be eating high quality white proteins

YOU will AVOID poor quality or low nutrition foods
YOU will be able to eat even when disaster strikes

YOU will be unaffected by food shortages

YOU will be prepared for any economic collapse
YOU Will provide enough food for dozens of people



2“Seed Saving” Learn how to harvest & grow organic seeds and seedlings . We thought long and hard about the best addition for your “Aquaponics how to guide guides”, and the first thing came to mind was seeds. This fantastic companion guide that will take you through harvesting your own seeds to creating your seedlings and everything in between:



“DIY Greenhouse”–  Don’t spend thousands of dollars on designs! Here are tried and tested buildouts and they even look professionally built when you are done. You will be thrilled that even a novice can create one of these stunning and cheap designs with simple tools and dirt cheap parts you can find anywhere. Build an amazingly durable green house for well UNDER $500.00 from start to finish with even a few dollars left in your pocket! Explore 4 different types of buildouts and we are sure one of these will suit you needs and no worries;  we made sure ANYONE could build these greenhouses with minimal tools and effort.



“Window Farming” Is a great way for people who live in small spaces to have a food garden. These POWERFUL DESIGNED small garden mini machines can hang from windows, balconies or just about anywhere. There is no end to your own imagination when you use the Window Farming Guide!

Window gardens can grow strawberries, tomatoes, beans, herbs and
other vegetables without dirt using the time tested hydroponic way
of gardening on a micro level.

  Recycled materials makes this dirt cheap to do
Aquaponic gardening for windows is easy, fast & fun

 Window gardening set ups shown including design plans
Grow quickly and with almost no space usage

BONUS – How to make lights that use no electricity (see inside) . . .

This can be a fun project where your children can learn the benefits of gardening and you can grow a large amount of real food.


plastics3D_small“Plastics” are critical to most Aquaponics  systems . . . but did you know that most plastics actually break down and emit toxins into your water, plants and fish?

-This comprehensive guide explores the journey into plastics; the good, the bad and the ugly.

-This information is critical if you really want the best possible untainted foods from your system.

-This book was referred to as “Aquaponics Dirty Little Secret” and is causing a firestorm of debate.

-Decide what kind of plastic you should use in your system

-Be warned . .  if you love plastic PVC pipes you are in for a real shock

-Use this guide to protect your food and get the right plastics!

Remember your future is finally in YOUR hands!
Warm Regards,

P.S. Get started now and get all five pdf’s that will have your aquaponics started in no time; be sure to check out all of the great designs, advice and help in all of these great pdf’s!

P.P.S Remember you get all five of these guides – “Aquaponics How To Guide”,  “Harvest & Grow Organic Seeds And Seedlings”, “Easy Construction Of A Highly Affordable Greenhouse” , “Window Farming” AND,  “Aquaponics Dirty Little Secret” . . .  Immediately! 

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